Museum of Local Studies

Welcome to the Website of the Museum of Local Studies!

Here you will find information about the history of Polotsk's first museum, one out of eleven museums existing nowadays, about its exhibitions and the most interesting exhibits.

The oldest museum of the city will tell you about Polotsk as the capital of the oldest eastern Slavic princedom - the cradle of Belarusian statehood and spirituality; it will show you the development of international trade relationships of the city and difficult times of endless wars. In the museum halls you will find out how Polotsk has become the centre of enlightenment and the international Jesuit's capital, you will learn about glorious Cadet traditions and life in Polotsk being a part of the Russian Empire, the USSR and in the present.

People create the history of the city. The exposition will tell you about famous Polotsk citizens, who have glorified their city beyond the borders of the Motherland and about many other things.