The Largess

The funds of NPIKMZ have been filled up with a new collection of stage costumes and properties of the People's theatre "Pilgrim" and of the Model youth theatre - studio "Harmony". The dresses of Pushkin times and Egyptian clothers , theatre arms and moneys , jeweiiery, articles of stade design, furniture and masks - lots ofvarious things will help you half-open tre curtain and find yourself in the mysterious world of theatre. This collection appeared in the funds of the museum - reserve thanks to the ex-leaders of the groups - Valentin Petrovich and Valentina Petrovna Nagorny . The collection presented by the Nagornys was handed over in 2008- 2009. It consists of the stage costumes, articles of stade design used in "Pilgrim`s" and "Harmony`s" performences. These things were the direct "participants" of the performances "Antigona" , "The Mother of Jesus" , "Colombo" , "Breathe economically" , "A royal cow" , "A star- sleepyhead" , "Love for three oranges " , "A fairy - tale about the tsar Saltan", etc. The majority of the things were created by the participants of the groups themselves and refer to the last quarter of the 20 century. The things from the collection were presented on the exhibition "His majesty - theatre", devoted to the jubilee of Polotsk People's theatre and an a smole exhibition day on theNight of Museums. On the fifteenth of May, 2009 the Nagornys were favoured with the rank of honourable grantors for their generous gift and a long period of collaboration with the National Polotsk historic- cultural museum - reserve and their names were put down in the book of the same name.