The Princess with Three Names

During the forth week of October, museum-pedagogical courses of the series of "My ancient town" took place in the Local History museum. The pupils of schools №№ 1,2,10,16,18 and Polotsk State Gymnasium №1 came to the museum to attend the class "The Princess with three names. Izyaslav", which was devoted to the famous princess of Polotsk Rogneda and her son.

The children learned about the first famous prince of Polotsk - Rogvolod and his daughter Rogneda, the famous "bloody wedding", the failure of the attempted murder of prince Vladimir by Gorislava, young prince Izyaslav's auspices of his mother, about the birth of Polotsk and royal dynasty of the Rogvolods. With the help of a magic time machine the pupils could see the history and imagine that distant 10th century , when all those events had taken place.

The new knowledge was acquired with the help of the recorded story of the Belorussian writer Vladimir Orlov. For the first time the children heard some new terms such as: "Paganism", "Christianity", "Nun" , "Enlightener". The children could feel as if they were pupils of an ancient school: they tried to write letters with stylos on wax boards. At the end of the class the children did a crossword pazzle.