September 17 - National Unity Day

On the eve of the National Unity Day, the staff of the Polotsk Local History Museum held meetings with students of schools in Polotsk and Polotsk district. The topic of unification of the territories of Belarus turned out to be interesting and topical among young people. The young people learned about the events which divided the Belarusian people into two parts in 1921. Special emphasis was placed on the participation of Polotsk residents I. F. Kozlov and B. I. Yeronka in the march of the Red Army to Western Belarus on September 17, 1939 and the military actions of the Polotsk troops (3rd Army) of the Belarusian Front. At the end of the lesson, the students noted the importance of the association in the future history of the Belarusian people who were to face the ordeal of the Great Patriotic War.