Inscribed their names in history

On November 27, OJSC "Polotsk-Steklovolokno" celebrates its birthday. The history of this enterprise began in the distant 1950s, when it was decided in Moscow to build the largest chemical plant in the Soviet Union in Polotsk. Everyone perfectly understood that they were not just building buildings, they were building great hopes. For more than 60 years, from a team of a couple of hundred people and a dozen machines, the plant has grown into one of the most famous in Europe production of fiberglass and products based on it. Studying old archival documents, turning over the yellowed pages of newspapers, we see how over the year the enterprise increased its capacity, increased production volumes, constantly mastering new technologies. Already in the 1960s. the fiberglass plant was among the best productions in the USSR, dozens of times it became the winner of republican and all-Union competitions, and the whole country knew the names of some workers. Three of them were awarded the high title “Honorary Citizen of the City of Polotsk”. These are the directors Lidia Ivanovna Grigorieva and Yakov Alexandrovich Borisov, and the plant worker Olga Petrovna Kundalevich.