Employees of the National Polotsk historical and cultural museum-reserve at the I Republican local history forum

On March 12-13, 2020, employees of the national Polotsk historical-cultural Museum-reserve Irina Vodneva, Lyudmila Trigorlova, Sergey Kaminsky, Slavina Gavrilova, Svitlana sverzh and Andrey Klyuchnikov took part in the First National local history forum of Belarus, which was held as part of the Year of the small Motherland. More than 230 researchers from all regions of the country met at the sites of the National historical Museum of Belarus. The main objectives of the forum were to study the state of affairs in the field of local history, popularize the historical, cultural and natural heritage of Belarusian cities and villages, expand knowledge about local history projects in Belarus, create conditions for dialogue between local historians, and touch the material and spiritual heritage of Belarus among young people. On the first day of the forum, leading representatives of educational and cultural institutions of our country I. L. Kopylov, T. I. Struzhetsky, V. V. Danilovich, A. E. Kravets, A. A. Susha, and S. M. Plytkevich spoke at the plenary session.

Further work was continued in the sections "local History in the system of research activities", "local History in the educational process of educational institutions", "Personality in local history: from the history of biographies of Belarusian local historians", "Environmental local history and tourism activities", etc. At the end of the forum, the heads of sections spoke and a final resolution was adopted, where one of the points provides for the creation of a coordinating local history Council on the basis of the National historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus, which, along with performing the functions of organizational and methodological support for local history activities, will prepare for the formation of the Republican local history society. Participants of the forum for 2 days got acquainted with exhibitions of historical and local history literature from the collections of the National library of Belarus and publications of local historians. On March 13, the forum summed up the results of the competition for the best local history publication for 2017-2019, where more than 200 books were presented. Most of the participants of the event noted the hospitality of the hosts and the generosity of the sponsors.