The man who brought the job started to the end

On the 3rd of January, 2019 would have been 70 years since the birth of Viktor Alekseyevich Kleymenov, the Honorary Citizen of Polotsk. For the majority of Polotsk workers in the construction sector, this name is well known, since for more than 15 years V. A. Kleymenov headed one of the leading enterprises of our city - the construction and installation trust № 22.
Victor Alekseevich was born far from Polotsk, in Altai, but as early as 1960 his family moved to our city, which he loved with all his heart. Since childhood Victor dreamed of becoming a builder and he realized his dream. After graduating from the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute, having received an engineering degree, he worked first at PMK № 12, then at Polotskselstroy, where he went from master to chief engineer. And when in 1989 the decree on the establishment of trust № 22 was signed, Viktor Alekseevich, having many years of experience in the construction industry, he was appointed as its manager. Together with a team of like-minded people, Kleymenov created a large building organism practically from scratch. By 1994, about 2 thousand people worked in the trust. The organization was a monopolist in the construction of brick housing, had a modern technological park of construction machines and mechanisms, transport, built up to 36 thousand m2 of housing per year. Viktor Alekseevich was not afraid to go “in boots” on objects, and in the Ministry to defend the interests of his organization, his subordinates.
A serious illness in 2005 tore off V. A. Kleymenov from his beloved work. Now, free time has become much more, and Viktor Alekseevich began to spend it with a book, fishing or working on the backyard. In 2011, V. A. Kleimenov died, but the memory of him remained in our city, after all, the whole microdistrict “Aerodrom”, schools, kindergartens, temples in Polotsk and other cities and villages of Vitebsk region were built by builders of trust № 22, led by a professional whose opinion was valued and respected.
Viktor Alekseevich said that a good leader should love his work, understand him, and respect his subordinates. In this, he saw the success of his beloved trust № 22, to which he devoted more than one year and which, unfortunately, became history.