"Your money will be ours!"

On the eve of the New Year holidays, students of the Zaozerskaya basic school of the Polotsk region visited the new museum-pedagogical lesson “Attempt to rob a bank in the county town of P.”, which was held on the basis of the stationary exhibition “Walk through Nizhne-Pokrovskaya Street”. In a class dedicated to the activities of the Polotsk City Bank at the beginning of the twentieth century, the students learned when and where the first financial institutions arose, what services and operations the Polotsk Bank provided a hundred years ago, why some banknotes were called “katenka” and “petenka”. Schoolchildren enthusiastically studied the map of the city of 1910, making a plan and safe route of the “robbery”, and also performed difficult tasks in order to “open” the combination lock of the safe with gold bars.