Photo contest for the 130th anniversary of the Lutheran church of Polotsk

Dear photo lovers!

The Lutheran Church in the city of Polotsk is one of those architectural monuments that often attract the attention of amateur photographers. Within the framework of such a significant event as the 130th anniversary of the Lutheran church, we decided to give to all who wish to the opportunity to demonstrate their creative abilities and send us your photos with views of the Lutheran church. These can be group photographs, landscape, photos with an interesting perspective and much more.

Conditions of the competition:

1. Join our groups on Facebook or social networks. This will allow participants to monitor the results of voting, as well as to take part in it;

2. Send us an email with (
а) Attached photo;
b)the name and surname of the author;
c) Name of the photo (optional);
d) Contact information (mobile phone number).

3. After some time your photos will be published on our social networks (Facebook and Vkontakte);

4. Every two weeks we will give everyone the opportunity to vote for the photo that they liked the most. *
(Internet voting by polling in VK and Facebook)

* If the number of participants is large enough, we will conduct a weekly vote on the best photo and choose one winner every week, respectively.

The winners will receive presents from the Polotsk National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve!

Works are accepted from the 27th of November to the 7th of December!
It is advisable to send one photo.

For possible changes, follow our
pages on social networks and on the official website!

We are waiting for your pictures!