The announcement of the exhibition "Route: Earth - Space - Earth"

The exhibition "Route: Earth - Space - Earth" will begin May 18, 2012 at 18.00 in the exhibition hall of the Museum of Local Lore.

This exhibition aims to show how the space came into people's daily live, influenced their fates, how developed a space exploration and what waits humanity in the near future. Visitors can hear about the first cosmonaut of the planet Yuri Gagarin, the world's first flight into space, which divided life of the common Soviet man into "before" and "after". Staff scientists will tell visitors who worked in Air Force Group № 1 and what was the conditions of admission into the group; about the first Honorary citizens of the town of Polotsk A. Nikolayev and P. Popovich; to see things that belonged to the first Belarusian cosmonaut P. Klimuk and natives of Polotsk region W. Wishnewskiy and G. Kaluzhenok, which not only served at the world-famous cosmodromes "Baikonur" and "Plesetsk", but also participated in the launch of spacecrafts. You will travel to Mars with six brave men and meet the space biologist A. Grigoriev, who handed his awards and documents at the exhibition. All interested can look into deep macrocosm with a space telescope and see how galaxies collide or new stars are born.