"ХИМИК.info" tells about the opening of a new exhibition

A new exhibition "Fast in the newspaper!" was opened in April 14, 2017 in the Museum of Local Lore. "ХИМИК.info" tells about the opening of the exhibition.

"Headless Horseman" in Polotsk

In early August, the Museum of Local Lore will open the unique exhibition of stone miniatures from the collection of Vitebsk Regional Museum of Local History. Cameos and intaglios depicting heroes of Greek and Roman mythology, portraits of famous statesmen and public figures will be presented at the exhibition "Art in the Stone". Gems from the private collection of the first Vitebsk Provincial Museum director A. Brodovski will occupy a special place among the exhibits. This exposition will include the famous "Headless Horseman".

The exhibition "Traditions and Culture of Japan" in Polotsk.

The exhibition "Traditions and Culture of Japan" was opened on September 13, 2013 in the exhibition hall of the Museum of Local Lore. This project has been traveling around our country for almost 10 years.

Museum Day 2013 in Polotsk
Dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Concert hall of the Sophia Cathedral


invites guests to the city museums to enjoy music of different styles and trends at the events with the participation of professional and amateur bands

The announcement of the exhibition "Route: Earth - Space - Earth"

The exhibition "Route: Earth - Space - Earth" will begin May 18, 2012 at 18.00 in the exhibition hall of the Museum of Local Lore.

This exhibition aims to show how the space came into people's daily live, influenced their fates, how developed a space exploration and what waits humanity in the near future. Visitors can hear about the first cosmonaut of the planet Yuri Gagarin, the world's first flight into space, which divided life of the common Soviet man into "before" and "after".

The third regional competition of young guides

On March 20, 2012 the first stage of the third regional competition of young guides took place in the Museum of Local Lore. Pupils from schools № 1, 3, 12, 14 participated in the competition. Children spoke about the most interesting exhibits from their schools museum. Also they presented a project "Museum in the suitcase". Leonid Averchenko from school № 1 became the winners.

The well-known names of Polotsk land

In October 2012 Polotsk will celebrate 200th anniversary of liberation in the Patriotic War of 1812. This war influenced the lives and traditions of Polotsk cadets. Some directors, teachers and tutors of Polotsk Cadet Corps participated in the war against Napoleon.

At the museum-pedagogical activities "The well-known names of Polotsk land", which were held at the Museum of Local Lore in March, pupils were told about well-known graduates of the Cadet Corps – V. Kirpichev, G. Alekhnovich, R.

On a reporting conference of National Polotsk Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve

A number of staff scientists of the Museum of Local Lore took part in a reporting conference on the results of research work in 2011, which was held on February 24 in the conference hall of National Polotsk Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve.

Head of the museum Irina Vodneva told about the results of the analysis of commemorative books 1861-1914, about the useful information for museum staffs, which they contain.

The secrets of the Mint

In the last week of February pupils from different schools and gymnasiums guessed "the secrets of the Mint". Museum-pedagogical activity with such an intriguing title was held at the Museum of Local Lore. The staff scientists of the Museum told the pupils in simple words what is an equivalent, stamping, milling.

Now the kids themselves can explain how people invented the money and why the little metal circles were called "coins".

National seminar "Museum Management and the problem of interactive forms of work"

A number of employees of the National Polotsk Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve participated in the national seminar "Museum Management and the problem of interactive forms of work", which took place in Minsk. At the workshop the directors of museums from different Belarusian cities shared their experience. They also discussed the work of museums in other countries. Belarusian museum staff were interested in using new technologies in the museum. Their colleagues from Minsk spoke about that.

The VI readings on local history "Legacy of Polotsk land" are over

On December 21, 2011 the final third stage of the VI readings on local history "Legacy of Polotsk land" took place in Polotsk in the conference hall of Polotsk State University. 10 research studies were praised. Their authors were school children from Polotsk and Novopolotsk schools and gymnasiums. The best studies were chosen after a lengthy discussion. The young local historians took deserved rewards. The jury was attended by representatives of the National Polotsk Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve. They gave certificates and special prizes to the winners.

Bidding guests

In January pupils from different schools came to the museum of local lore to attend the class "Bidding guests". The children learned about the food and utensils which our ancestors used to have. The hostess of the house spoke about old recipes of bread, cheese and other foods. At the end of the class the pupils played an interesting game.

The first acquaintance with the museum

The visitors of Polotsk Museum of Local Lore are adults, pupils and even the children from different kindergarten. The children of 4-5 years old come to museum for the first time. The children learn many interesting facts. They can see a mammoth's teeth, ancient playthings, a sculpture of prince Vladimir of Polotsk and others. We hope that such meeting will be a good tradition.

The ethnography class.

Polotsk Museum of Local Lore regulary holds the ethnography class for little children. During the class the children can see how our ancestors lived. The children from different kindergarten meet the hostess of the house, play with her and try tasty home-made bread. The children and the visitors of the museum like visiting the ethnography hall.

The prince of Polotsk Vseslav Charodey

Polotsk pupils can visit the museum lesson “The prince of Polotsk Vseslav Charodey”. During the lesson children listen to medieval music. This atmosphere brings them in the Polotsk princedom. They learn a lot of historcal evidence about Vsesla and Polotsk

New exhibition

Polotsk princedom - one of the largest and most earlier in Eastern Europe. Its center was Polotsk. The city was located on the banks of two rivers - the Western Dvina and the Polota. These rivers passed the international trade route. Polotsk was a major transit city. The city produced products and sold on the international market. In Polotsk brought goods from all over the world. These items can be seen at the exhibition in the museum.

New facts about the Lutheran church

Unfortunately ancient Polotsk has not preserved many architectural monuments. For different reasons churches and cloisters were either purposefully destroyed by people or suffered from wars. Among the buildings that survived we can consider the former Lutheran church at Nizhne-Pokrovskaya Street. This building is the only monument of Neogothic in our town nowadays. Red bricks, a broach spire, pointed towers-pinnacles, lancet windows – these are the characteristic features of Gothic architecture.

At a science conference in Vitebsk

On the 22nd-23rd of October 2009 Vitebsk museum of regional lore held the science conference “Antiquities of Vitebsk”, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the finding of the characters drown on the birch bark in Vitebsk and the 150th anniversary of A.R.Bradovsky’s birth. The director of the Museum of regional lore I.P.Vodneva took part in the conference with the report “Polotsk researcher of local lore Ivan Petrovich Dejnis” (dedicated to the 110th anniversary of his birth).

Tooth of a mammoth

One of Polotsk residents casually discovered a large stone in the sand, had been brought from a quarry in the Polotsk district. It turned out that the worker in his hands holds the tooth of a mammoth. The best place to store such an interesting item was selected Museum of Local Lore. History of its discovery Leonid Timoshenko told Scientific Staff, giving a tooth to the museum. Mammoths on the territory of Belarus became extinct more than 10 thousand years ago during the last glacial period. The reasons for their extinction is not known.

A new service

The Staff Scientists of the Museum of Local Lore developed a program of museum studies for adults "The little-known pages of history of Polotsk". Amateurs of history had already visited the first classes. Customers have learned a lot and saw not only the exhibits in glass cases, but also objects from founds of the museum-reserve. All visitors can relax with a benefit in our museum.

Memory remains...

In August 2009 an extremely interesting collection of the materials, connected with the life and work of a teacher from Polotsk and a local lore expert- Stepan Antonovich Klokov-appeared in the stocks of НPSMRLL. The collection the information about the Honored teacher of the BSSR started last year. The workers of the museum of local lore met Stepan Antonovich’s relatives and former colleagues. In February of 2009 several meetings with the pupils from Polotsk schools were organized and carried out to celebrate the centenary of S.A.Klokov’s birthday.

In the Country of Masters

What were our ancestors’ occupations? What boots and shirts did they wear? What did they decorate their huts with? You can learn this and many other things at museum-pedagogical studies which are held at the Museum of local lore this week.

The senior research worker Gavrilova Slavina Vyachaslavovna welcomes hospitably the pupils of Polotsk schools. Literally from the first minutes of the studies the children start traveling over Polotsk fair. There are so many fascinating things here!

The Largess

The funds of NPIKMZ have been filled up with a new collection of stage costumes and properties of the People's theatre "Pilgrim" and of the Model youth theatre - studio "Harmony". The dresses of Pushkin times and Egyptian clothers , theatre arms and moneys , jeweiiery, articles of stade design, furniture and masks - lots ofvarious things will help you half-open tre curtain and find yourself in the mysterious world of theatre.

The Princess with Three Names

During the forth week of October, museum-pedagogical courses of the series of "My ancient town" took place in the Local History museum. The pupils of schools №№ 1,2,10,16,18 and Polotsk State Gymnasium №1 came to the museum to attend the class "The Princess with three names.