We celebrate the 150th anniversary of B.I. Epimah-Shipila.

On September, 4th, 2009 was the 150th anniversary of the birth of Bronislav Ignatovich Epimah-Shipila, the famous person of Belarusian national revival at the beginning of the 20th century. He was the professor of St. Petersburg University, the scholar – linguist, the philologist, the active publisher and the propagandist of the Belarusian
book, the educator, after the activity of Francisck Scoryna Bronislav Ignatovich was the creator of the first Belarusian publishing house “The sun will glance in our window” (1906). He was the honorary member of the

Hello, museum!

Autumn is the beginning of a new school year. And Polotsk museum welcome new visitors.

In September on the basis of the Museum of Local Lore in the limits of the museum pedagogical programme for 3-rd-year pupils there took place the studies on the topic “ Hello, museum!”. The pupils of Polotsk State Gymnasium №3 and Polotsk Secondary Schools № 1, № 2, № 6 and №18 learned the origin of the word “museum”, where the first “ temples of muses” had been opened, when the first museum had appeared in our town.

A new collection.

It has been mentioned before that a new museum is going to be opened in Polotsk – the Museum of the town’s history it will be the 12th museum in our town. Representatives of some Polotsk enterprises were involved into the work of creating its exposition, and these enterprises gave the National Polotsk historical and cultural museum-sanctuary samples of their production.

What gods did our ancestors believe in?

The reply to this question the pupils of Polotsk schools received during museum-pedagogical studies, which bear the corresponding title. These studies took place in September in the context of the museum-pedagogical programme that is realized on the basis of the museums of National Polotsk historical-cultural museum-reserve.

Mr. Schroeder Cherry visited Polotsk museums

On September, 25 he met with administration and senior museum specialists of the National Polotsk Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve. The theme of his Presentation was - “Current Trends in Museum Education in US Museums”. Then he visited Polotsk museums.

All life – for the theater.

Polotsk Folk Theater «Piligrim» of City House of Culture was established in 1992. Next 6 years Valentin Nagorny was the director of the new theater.

From 2002 to the present day artistic and stage director of the Polotsk Folk Youth Theater «Piligrim» is Vera Kiseleva. Under her leadership creative young people of Polotsk develop their artistic abilities.

During this time the troupe of «Piligrim» more than once became the winner of various contests of theatrical skill. Professional jury is not left without attention young actors, who also received awards.

Exhibits for the new museum.

In accordance with the "Integrated Program for the Development of Polotsk for 2008-2012, approved by Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus № 647 of 17.12.2007 town, we work on the creation of the Museum of the history of our city.

New receipts in a museum

Two big collections of archeology & numismatics have arrived to funds of Museum-Reserve on June 19th, 2009. They have been transferred by Andrey Buhovetsky.
This inhabitant of Polotsk transfers his finds to reserve not for the first time. The friendship with Andrey Buhovetskiy began in 1980th when he was schoolboy. Andrey together with his brother Alexey has brought archeology subjects to employees of Museum of Local Lore. Much of those things were about 600-800 years.