"On the way to sports heights": results of the year

The first event within the framework of the project "On the way to sports heights" at the end of January 2021 was the museum lounge "Real Men Play Hockey", which brought together fans of one of the most spectacular game sports. Their memories formed the basis of the eponymous brochure prepared by the museum staff and a video film dedicated to hockey.



In April, in the museum, in the form of an open microphone, there were 3 meetings “At the Limit of Strength: Rowing”. Former coach L. Zolotareva, told the participants of the events about significant events in the 40-year history of the rowing school in Polotsk, and the current coaches E. Kirichenko, O. Kaminska, A. Resenkov, V. Klepets, T. Dubovskaya shared their vision of the future of this kind of sport.



In May, within the framework of the International Action "Night of Museums-2021", a meeting "Strongmen Enter the Arena" with the masters of sports of international class in powerlifting S. Muravyov and D. Yanevich was held at the Museum of Local Lore. It was attended by over 50 people. For many of them, the discovery was not only the history of the appearance of this sport in Polotsk, but also the outstanding success of our athletes at competitions of the highest level.


In August, the museum hosted the ceremony of seeing off the fencer A. Pranevich, one of the few representatives of the Vitebsk region at the games in Tokyo, to the 16th Summer Paralympic Games.

Throughout the year, regular visitors to the Born to Win exhibition and the events that took place on its site were students of the middle and senior level of secondary schools, as well as specialized sports educational institutions of Polotsk. They got a unique opportunity to communicate with people who make up the sports glory of not only Polotsk, but our country as a whole. And the younger schoolchildren attended the museum-pedagogical lesson "On a visit to the Olympic bear."