Quest "100!" in the Museum of Local Lore in Polotsk

On the 24th of October 2018 in the Museum of Local Lore in Polotsk passed one of the stages of the youth-patriotic quest "100!" timed to coincide with the centenary of the Komsomol. The guys of the Polotsk special educational institutions were looking for answers to their questions while studying the exposition of the exhibition "Through space and time". Among the exhibits of the temporary exhibition there are photographs of the famous excavations on the Great Posad of the 1980s, when the youth of Polotsk was an active assistant of the Belarusian archaeologist Sergei Tarasov. The zeal and physical strength of the younger generation of archaeologists in their hard work used quite often. Therefore, as before, and in our days, the archaeological excavations in Polotsk are not complete without the participation of schoolchildren, students and volunteers who are eager to learn the secrets of Belarusian history and come into direct contact with artifacts of a century and sometimes millennia old.