The exhibition "Traditions and Culture of Japan" in Polotsk.

The exhibition "Traditions and Culture of Japan" was opened on September 13, 2013 in the exhibition hall of the Museum of Local Lore. This project has been traveling around our country for almost 10 years. Polotsk became the 65th city of Belarus, which got the opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of the rising sun.

There are about 100 items at the exhibition: traditional Japanese dolls Hakata-ningyo and Kyo-ningyo, architectural and landscape layouts of Japanese temples and castles, sets of items for the tea ceremony, waxworks of national dishes of Japanese cuisine, collections of kites and masks. The most striking exhibit is a woman's wedding kimono uchikake, which the bride wore on top of a lighter kimono to a wedding ceremony. Anyone can learn about Japan and its traditions from magazines and books provided by a representative of the Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Belarus, or from a short video.

The exhibition "Traditions and Culture of Japan" will work till the middle of October 2013.